Glare reduction, cooling/energy efficiency, and UV Protection

We do it all! Where there’s glass, we have solutions – whether you’re looking to protect the furniture and decor in your home, or hoping to keep your house cooler in the summer, we can help!


Reflectech offers the most current solar reflective window films so that you can eliminate glare in a way that matches your needs and your budget. Avoid those pesky sun spots with our glare reduction films!

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Reflectech’s cooling and energy-saving window film can block heat energy during peak hours, while still allowing natural light. Keep your home or office cool with specialized solutions for your windows!

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Reflectech offers ultraviolet (UV) and sunlight protection window films that block 99% of UV rays, protecting your furniture, art, and wood surfaces, while keeping the natural light that illuminates your home or office.

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The difference is real!

We add window film that gives you the most protection while being energy efficient and still allowing sunlight into your home or building.


The sun’s UV rays can cause fading through windows to items inside the building.


Our protective window film prevents harmful UV rays from penetrating the glass while still allowing light inside. 

Glare Reduction


We’re able to add a covering to your windows to help with sun control.

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Reduce as much as 92% of glare

Maintain the illumination and warmth of natural light

Save on lighting costs or expensive replacement alternatives

Eliminate 99% of damagine UV rays

Energy Efficiency


Keep your costs down by increasing the efficiency of your windows!

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Block up to 80% of heat energy from the sun

Maintain the level of light that suits your home or office

Save money on air conditioning

Lower your carbon footprint

UV Protection


Protect your furniture and other items by blocking UV rays from entering your home or office.

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Block 99% of UV rays that cause surface damage

Options for temperature and light control, according to your needs

Choose the aesthetic that fits your home or building