Window Sunlight Protection Film & Tinting in Edmonton


Don’t shutter yourself in. Reflectech offers ultraviolet (UV) and sunlight protection window films that block 99% of UV rays, protecting your furniture, art, and wood surfaces, while keeping the natural light that illuminates your home or office in Edmonton. Our window sunlight protection services will ensure that your windows are better insulated and energy efficient while still eliminating harmful UV rays.

More than just UV control and Window Sunlight Protection

  • Block 99% of UV rays that cause surface damage
  • Options for temperature and light control, according to your needs
  • Choose the aesthetic that fits your home or building

Materials & benefits

  • Call for a free assessment, consultation, and estimate
  • Solutions from top film companies: Madico, SunTek, Hanita, Oracal, and many more.
  • First access to new products
  • Follow-up visits available to ensure quality
  • Partner benefits for contractors, architects, designers, and managers

Are you looking for glare reduction, energy efficiency, or another glass treatment solution? Visit our services page (we do much more than glass tinting!).